i dont wanna be so old and gray, reminiscing about those better days. so its time to let the world know, THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS OWN.

but we'll never know the glory of thee stanley cup...unless we believe in blue in everything that we do. pour your heart into this team. with every breath, breathe canucks spirit. with every step, skate an inch closer to victory. with every thought, think of luongo making a killer save. whenever you're feeling down, imagine when burrows scored the game winner after three seconds of overtime. everytime you blink, blink back tears of joy as kesler accepts the selke award. laugh whole-heartedly remembering our sweet little jannik hansen punching big bad marian hossa in the head. when your heartbeats, feel the heart of a canuck throbbing through your veins and spreading throughout your whole body. dont take anything seriously from other teams' fans...haters gonna hate. defend your beliefs. do this because, we are a family. a closely-knit, winning, incredible family. this is us. who we are. what we live for. and we belong on top. so lets show the world. this season will be the stanley cup legend that i tell to my kid.

i see our time; 2013 playoffs.
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